Frequently Asked Questions  
Do you have a formula that I can use?
We have formulations for the following items: Air deodorant, Water and Gas indicator pastes, Auto after market items.

What kind of packaging is available?
Below 25,000 pieces, you have to choose from “stock” options. The more interesting packaging starts with orders of 25,000 and up.

How long has Power Line Packaging been in business?
Since 1988

How many employees do you have?
Seventeen full time employees and a part time staff when needed.

Can I buy product from you in bulk?
We offer the Odor sponge and water and gas indicator pastes in bulk packaging of 35#, and 55 gallon drums.

What is the minimum run size?

Generally speaking, the answer is 10,000 with some exceptions. Please call and we can better answer your question.

How big is your facility?

We are located in a 31,000 square foot building on 4.5 acres.

Where are you located?

Power Line is located 12 miles north of Philadelphia, 1 mile from the junction of Route 76 (Schuylkill expressway) 476 (the Blue Route) and 276 (PA Turnpike) in Plymouth Township, Pa.

What are your terms?
Net 30 days, FOB Power Line Packaging upon credit approval.

How can I contact you?

phone 610.239.7088
phone 800.220.2036
fax 610.239.7209

Power Line Packaging, Inc. | 1304 Conshohocken Road | Conshohocken, PA 19428

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